The business end of Cuda.
No bull.
A lemon for lemonade.
Cast on the beech
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Cast to surf
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Cast from rocks
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Cast from the pier
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Cast from the bridge.
The reel:
Penn Senator™ #14/0.
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Even a child can do it
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 Go fishing with Cast-Pro™ casting attachment

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Cast-Pro™ casting attachment is protected by US pat# US5873536A

Cast-Pro™ casting attachment was developed specifically for surf fishing in mind. But not for just any
kind of surf fishing. It was developed for those die-hard anglers who dare to do surf fishing with their heavy
boat reels for very large fish. If you are one of them, you know that these reels are not designed to cast.
So what do you do? Sit and wait for the right wind to "balloon" your bait out?
Or maybe you have a buddy with a canoe to help.
Do you know how to cast a boat reel?
Do you know how to cast a large boat reel?
Do you know how to cast a very large boat reel?
Have you ever tried to cast a Penn Senator™ #9/0 or #12/0? - Well... some do.
What about doing it while doing a balancing act on rocks at the same time?... Crazy?
And how many times did you curse while dealing with the backlash trying to un-tangle it.?
Well, Cast-Pro™ is a handy, virtually snap-on gadget (casting aid) that allows an angler to cast bait
about 50 yards or more while fishing with even the largest boat reels such as #14/0 and #16/0.
If you can handle the weight of the reel, - you can cast it.
It casts as easy as any ordinary spinning reel - minus the weight of course.
In fact, its so easy that even a child can do it. Just see the video. (left bottom)
It is easily removable from the reel without the need for any tools.
We tested it in any possible environment for quite a few years.
To see how to cast a large boat reel using Cast-Pro™ casting attachment click on any vdeo.

Cast-Pro™ casting attachment is a semi-autonomus component of a much larger project that
includes other sporting good items such as fishing reels, bait lounching systems, etc. If you are interested
in participating in it or just plain courious drop us a line at e-mail address:


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