Equipment repair - What's the deal?

Having over 24 years of experience in applying impact techniques in our proprietary process of manufacturing
miniature metal orifices (in the range of 0.003" to 0.009" diameter) used in the past for our in-house air bearing
based equipment has given us an in depth understanding of the phenomenons occurring during the process of impact.
Our technique was later (c. 1989) adopted by Valdor Fiber Optics for use in securing an optical fiber within the metallic
ferrule of a connector and incorporated by them as an integral part of what was later named: Impact Mount™ technology.

From 1996 to 2001 we were also directly involved in day-to-day operations of Valdor Fiber Optics specifically in the area of
troubleshooting any deficiencies of tooling utilized in the IMT™ as well as the technology itself.

It is our belief this makes us uniquely qualified to repair, recondition or improve any table top tool, hand held mounting tool
or automatic cleaver still in use by the general industry or by the military.

We will work closely with any customer who needs to customize the tool to be utilized for their specific application.

For any first time customer we will:
 Analyze the tool condition - at no charge.
 Give a recommendation as to the scope of any repair - at no charge.
 If permitted by the customer, perform the repair - at no charge (for the first tool).

You will pay only for the shipping and if necessary, for the components that have to be replaced.

Important disclaimer:
Please be aware that the performance of any of Valdor's tools used for applying Impact Mount™ technology
is subject to all the limitations of it's original design and the quality of the components
used to build the original product.
This is true for the table top mounting tool used both in general industry and military, as well as for the hand held mounting tool and automatic cleaver.

If requested, we will suggest any modifications we believe should be made to make your tool more reliable.
Valdor's automatic cleaver that is a part of the table top tool will be troubleshooted by its original inventor and designer.
Any results and opinions if requested will be reported to you.

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