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What the ---- is that ?
Just a bunch of components.
Some assembly required.
Let's go fishing.
A pattern machined on a bike wheel.
Our P.A.C.T.with
Personalized service
Attention to details
Timely delivery
Cone machined on 650 μm fused silica fiber.

Specializing in prototyping and small to medium volume production.

Services include:
  Product design and development
  Existing product improvements
  Product modifications
It's OK if you only need Consulting.
Our specialty:
  Mechanical components
  Mechanical assemblies
  Fiber optic components,
  Fiber optic ferrules,
  Tooling for fiber optic industry
  Equipment for recreational fishing.
That's right, fishing stuff - anything wrong with that?
The same quality service regardless if you are:
 -- a private individual who needs help,
 -- a small inventor,
 -- a machine shop owner who needs to outsource a job,
 -- an owner of a medium size business,
 -- or representative of a large corporation.

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